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About Us

Anne-Marijke GerretsenHi, I am Anne-Marijke, I am the founder and principal behaviour change expert and coach of Red Berry Leadership Development.

I believe that we are all leaders, even if your job title doesn’t include ‘manager’. Whenever you are in a position to impact someone for the better – peers, managers, team members, family members, friends, even yourself – you have the opportunity to be a leader.

I have spent my entire career teaching people how to change behaviour successfully. Whether they wanted to improve their leadership, general communication, team dynamics, achieve personal change or implement organisation-wide change.

I started Red Berry Leadership Development to be able to assist organisations and individuals to view their leadership from a more holistic perspective, going beyond leadership skills and develop themselves towards a healthy way of being a leader. My passion is to help people to find the courage and develop the skill to change their lives fundamentally by making small, but key, changes.

What’s with the red berries?

If you are wondering why the name Red Berry, and the corresponding image, here is the story.

I am currently studying Nutritional Medicine, and have an interest in biological health, as well as leadership health. Berries are one of the highest food source for anti-oxidants, those fantastic substances that fight free radicals and defend against the damage that they do. I’m intrigued by these anti-oxidants and saw a beautiful analogy for what I have been helping leaders to develop for themselves and their teams: skills and behaviours that prevent damage to themselves and others.

I could have chosen any berry for the business name and logo, but I liked how ‘Red Berry’ rolled off the tongue, and I liked the vibrancy of the bunch of red currants as my logo.