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About Anne-Marijke and Red Berry Leadership Development

I work with People Managers who want to increase the engagement and productivity of their team, and reduce turnover and absenteeism by helping them to streamline communication both with their individual team members and between team members.

I’ve experienced engagement from 2 angles myself: as an employee I know what it feels like to be highly engaged, not engaged and even actively disengaged!

And as a manager I’ve had staff who were highly engaged (what a joy to work with!), not engaged (frustrating and confusing to work with) and actively disengaged (terrible to work with!).

A few years ago found myself again less that highly engaged, and realised that finding a new job in a new organisation wasn’t going to keep my engaged for a long enough period. I started Red Berry Leadership Development really as a way to keep myself highly engaged by changing my work-life balance and doing what I am passionate about: helping people managers to have a direct impact on their team’s success through increased engagement.

Now I know that engagement is a hot issue in many organisations, and it should be, considering that only 13% of people are highly engaged, and almost 80% not engaged or even actively disengaged. And when people are not very engaged, they are not as productive as they could be, are likely to be more absent, make more mistakes, are less careful and have more incidents.

I just want to make clear what it is I don’t do: I don’t provide annual engagement surveys or facilitate sessions to come up with organisational programs that address engagement organisation-wide. There are companies out there that are experts in this.

I work with people managers in a way that supports your organisational programs: by helping you to develop streamlined communication with your individual team members, your team as a whole and between team members. Communication from you, their direct manager, is often given as one of the most influential factors when it comes to why people are or aren’t engaged. And what I find exciting about that is that is something you have control over.

Find out more about my Streamlined Communication Programs.

Streamlined Communication Programs

Why people like working with me

“Working with Anne-Marijke has been a fantastic experience: she takes ownership of all aspects of the learning design role, and is comfortable collaborating and providing guidance and leadership to clients as well as the wider production team.”

Neil Taplin, Studio Production Manager, Cadre


“I recommend Anne-Marijke’s services due to flexibility of program and effort to meet the needs required at that time.”

Carol Burton, HR Manager, DeLonghi


“The course was extremely practical and the methodologies were fluid and allows you to critically think and feel your way through change management scenarios and real examples not just in workplace but also can be applied in the community and your own life.”

Ballina Gee, Business Manager City Services, City of Parramatta


“We have always found Red Berry Leadership Development to deliver on time and to a great standard; Anne-Marijke knows her stuff and is wonderful to work with.”

Stacey Kelly, Owner, Seed People Consulting


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