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I love working with great clients and seeing how the results we achieve impact their organisation, their team, themselves – or a combination of these.

This is how my clients felt about working with me.


“I was sceptical initially. I wasn’t sure how you could develop a program on the real challenges involved in implementing change, like how you move a culture and overcome resistance. In my experience, most change management courses or plans are slightly modified versions of project plans, with multiple steps and templates but not a lot of insight into why change is actually difficult to achieve.I was trying to manage a couple of significant change projects in my organisation at the time that had an impact across the whole organisation. We had tried a few techniques to get people on board but there was a strong cultural resistance to doing things differently and I was particularly hampered by being seen as a bit of a newcomer to both the organisation and the industry. I was looking for clues as to how to cut through these barriers. I have looked at change differently. I have learned that not everything works on everyone and that sometimes progress is slow, but it is still progress. Learning what drives people’s resistance to change, developing techniques to tap into the emotional drivers that inspire (and inhibit) change and looking for good examples of change that worked were important lessons. The use of stories about successful change were very useful and entertaining. Perhaps most important was the notion that trying to simplify change, rather than complicate it, could greatly improve the chances of success. I was most gratified by the comments of one person on a change project I led, who went out of his way to tell me I was the first person in the organisation who had actually changed a process to make it easier. The importance of doing that was a very strong message from the Implementing Change course that I have carried into my work ever since.

I would recommend this course to anyone working in an organisation that is going through substantial change, whether it is being driven by internal or external factors. It is clearly highly suitable for change managers and anyone asked to lead a change, because it takes an entertaining and insightful approach to what can otherwise become bogged down in too much analysis and too much inflexible planning. It will help you to adjust quickly if your attempts to change are not working, without going around in circles or becoming discouraged. It gives you the techniques to switch things up to suit the environment you find yourself in.”

Jennifer O’Donnell, Manager Governance & Risk, City of Parramatta Council NSW

“I was curious to understand different ways of implementing change.  This is the world we live in and I embrace change and wanted to help others embrace it. I was keen to learn of different ways of approaching change and how to view change from different perspectives. This course is suitable for managers and staff who need to influence other and implement changes.  It can be applied in the workforce and also personally.  It helps with supporting and communicating with others in changing their behaviour.”

Justine Dowd, Manager, Cultural Heritage & Tourism, City of Parramatta Council NSW

“I have worked closely with Anne-Marijke and found her knowledge and professionalism in regard to training, excellent. Very much a holistic thinker in relation to achieving maximum benefit from limited resources and time availability for staff. Very much a forward thinker and planner to help maximise personal and team performances.”

Paul Lyth, Manager Regulatory Services, City of Parramatta Council NSW

“I had the pleasure of working extensively with Anne-Marijke on a number of Training packages at Parramatta City Council. Anne-Marijke is a personable individual that gets on well with those around her. She is focused and dedicated to producing results. She has shown that she is able to deal with uncertainty and dislocation and I recommend her highly.”

Kris Wozniak, Procurement Executive NSW

“I was looking for a program that offered the right balance of knowledge and practical examples to ensure there were learning benefits for the participants. From my previous experience working with Anne-Marijke I knew she would be able to lift knowledge for the participants to challenge their current thinking. I recommend Anne-Marijke’s services due to flexibility of program and effort to meet the needs required at that time.”

Carol Burton, HR Manager, DeLonghi NSW

“Learning design is a specialised and demanding area: so I take a cautious approach to working with new people. Finding people capable of balancing the desire to produce high quality output with commercial constraints, as well as the ability to collaborate with and provide leadership to clients is not always easy. Anne-Marijke had been highly recommended to me by another Senior Learning Designer whose judgement I trust. Working with Anne-Marijke has been a fantastic experience: she takes ownership of all aspects of the learning design role, and is comfortable collaborating and providing guidance and leadership to clients as well as the wider production team. Importantly, she is also extremely commercially aware and able to deliver optimal solutions within the constraints of time and money. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Anne-Marijke for learning design engagements including the development of learning strategies within an organisation.”

Neil Taplin, Studio Production Manager, Cadre NSW

“I had seen the work that Anne-Marijke produces when we worked together, as well as see how she works, this experience was so positive. I was looking for the ability to have someone represent Seed People Consulting and specialise in this area.  With having access to Anne-Marijke’s expertise, we have been able to offer a more end-to-end capability development offer to our current clients, based on the availability of this specialisation within our team. I would recommend Red Berry Leadership Development to anyone who is looking at developing future eLearn modules – either for internal or external use.  We have always found Red Berry Leadership Development to deliver on time and to a great standard; Anne-Marijke knows her stuff and is wonderful to work with.”

Stacey Kelly, Owner, Seed People Consulting NSW